Thursday, August 04, 2005

A New Title Changes The Game Just a Bit

Spap-Oop was a slowly evolving started out as a meta-blog...but that didn't work out so well. Actually, it was too much work.

So, as it evolved, the name became less appropriate.

I've re-christened this little baby Snarkaholic because, frankly, when my b.s. meter goes off, I really get off blasting the offending party. I'm an equal opportuinity blaster--from the King to the fellow pion--nobody's sacred.

And the Blogosphere is so similar to the Wide Open Spaces of the Wild helps for a girl to be able to shoot straight ;-)

On the other hand when I find something nice, I'll say something nice. If I allowed things to be in a constant state of deterioration, I'd be river silt in less than a week.

speaking of deterioration, if you haven't already, I'd go over to Jay Rosen's blog and follow the comments on Blogher...there's a serious debate going on between himself and Mobile Jones--a lady who not only knows her tech and but can also turn a mean retort.

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