Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Just gotta love a man who knows when the stats have been juggled and isn't about to let Nick Denton get away with it. Jason Calacanis has the smarts to show where they could be monkeyed with, and the chutzpah to call out the monkeys-- here and here.

gad! I just love the tenacity!

And I don't think this has anything to do wtih Denton's snarky transparancey comment on 3/9. It's been bleeding obvious for a long time that Denton is trying to build an empire with Gawker (much in a similar way to Rupert Murdock--on sex, sex, sex) and wants to do whatever he can to build it...which includes commissioning a report that presents some wonky stats skewed in his favor. Whether Calacanis deletes negative comments or not, as Denton claims--well, in the grander scheme of empire-building, that's not any more egregious than using the hottie factor to the nth degree to get your way.

Jarvis tends to whine about how new media isn't supposed to be like old media--but Denton's little figure juggling seems to be an indication that the playing field's just moved from one venue to another...

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