Tuesday, August 23, 2005

a conversation about conversation

Great post this morning at Buzzmachine, where Jarvis actually thinks a bit about the value of conversation in the blogosphere. I have left a small essay over there because I sometimes think, and speak, in essay form....that's just me.

There's not much conversation on this particular blog. If you want to see my little barroom in the blogosphere, go here

This blog was set up because personal conversation is often too intimate for male readers and for female readers, theoretical conversation on my regular blog is a distranction. Really intersting the way the male and female minds work...but this, too, is why Jarvis' post is important. Here is a man who is valuing the conversation rather than the content or the information gathering aspect of blogging.

amazing. not sure what to think of it, of what kind of conversation he values, but he's def. stimulating more conversation about the value of conversation in the blogosphere.

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