Sunday, August 14, 2005

Community Building and Linking

Aside from my DSL getting knocked out a bit tonight by the most dreaful and wicked thunderstorms in New England this summer, I'd like y'all to go over to this post on Love and Hope and Sex and Dreams about linking and building community. Mary Hodder left a comment (to which I'm about to address), and also wrote this post at Napsterization which expounds a bit more on linking (which I also have to go in and read more thoroughly--as I'm sure I'll have something to say about it).

I also have a wicked huge load of email backed up from Thursday that I have to get to....that's what happens when I decide to get out and do some old-fashioned, face to face networking as I am trying to take the "free" out of freelance....

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Kira said...

The community-building links to posts in this post remind me of this post in a blog I read daily.

Interesting stuff, these communities we form.

Tish Grier said...

thanks for the link...great blog!

Unknown said...

In fact, now Google Blog Search is really the source for accurate linking information, so much so that Wordpress has a feed of links from them in the blog dashboard.
Link Building

gillberk said...

Though technology continues to change, marketers need to change more. The keys to success don’t lie in technology, rather in the approach marketers take with the rapidly changing media forms. The focus needs to shift from controlling the message to serving the community.Just creating content is not enough. That’s still a one-way mindset. Get out there into the customer’s realm. Comment and contribute to larger community groups and social networks. Read customer and related blogs (or vlogs and podcasts), and interact with the writers.

Link Building