Thursday, August 11, 2005

After finding out from Jay Rosen that a comment I left on his site didn't make it thru because his spamblocker blocks Blogspot urls, I figured out a small part of the problem in the blogosphere that keeps the tail long--spam and fake blogs. Sifry addresses this problem of spam and fake blogs in this State of the Blogosphere post.

This is another "human factor" of blogging--there will always be lowbrow opportunists who will find ways to try to beat the system and make some bucks. Sifry explains AND has examples. Sadly, many of the examples are Blogspot blogs.

I wonder if there's a way that Blogger can address the problem of so many Blogspot blogs ending up as spam and fake blogs. It bothers me that a great free service like this, and the people who use it, end up de-valued by A-listers and Others not in the tail because of spams and fakes.

Do I have the nerve to write to the Powers that Be at Blogger??? you never know.

NOTE: if you click on one of the fake blogs that Sifry's got on his page, you may get dinged by some adware that will try to download itself. Another big problem with spam and fake blogs.

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