Monday, August 01, 2005

The Mother of All Blog Conferences

I just flew in from Blogher and boy! are my arms tired! (rimshot from offstage)

But, seriously, this was an incredible event. I can't begin to say how incredible it was and what it felt like to meet so many wonderful women (many of which will be listed on my other blog.) Halley Suitt sums it up beautifully--a bunch of women got together and did not get into a pissing contest. Nobody tried to one-up one another and there was a wonderful amount of sharing going on. We asked one another questions about blogs, blogging, etc., and we got answers from one another without pertension!

We hashed around all sorts of stuff--about the A-list, about how to make our voices stronger, about how we communicate with one another.

BTW, right now I'm in the middle of some interesting posts on Buzzmachine where I point out the fact that when an A-Lister says the A-List doesn't count, it's like a moviestar saying he hates being a movie star!

yes, I feel my shoes geting a little wet from Mr. Jarvis and Mr. Douglas and I'm about to grab both of them by the short hairs and stop the flow. Fer cryin' out loud guys! Stop being the Wizard beind the Curtain and just admit what you're about--creating an old boy's network that excludes anyone who doesn't blog in the exact manner that you deem relavent.

Oh, my other blog is now listed on Halley's Comment, and my photo was taken by JD!

you can also do a search for on Technorati and see how many other blogs are liking to it. Amazing!

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xian said...

right on. me thinks the boys do protest too much.

it was great meeting you, tish. i had a great time mostly as a fly on the wall.

Unknown said...

What she said!

It's Simone de Beauvoir all over again. Two species, my aunt Petunia.

Great to meet you at BlogHer, btw! I'm *still* trying to put the top of my head back on after that conference. w00t!

Tish Grier said...

It was great meeting you both at Blogher, too...and I'm still a bit of a fried baby myself. And the silliness over at Buzzmachine's making it all the sillier.