Monday, February 13, 2006

Kristof and O'Reilly snit reaches new level of absurity.

What these two aren't realizing is that for each of them to be successful, they both have to be "experts," which then means that neither of them has any real world, real life perspective. O'Reilly's head is so far up his ass that he probably has no idea where Sudan is, and Kristof is so busy worrying about the problems of the world that he can't even see the human detritis on his own doorstep.

It's just too damned funny to watch titans swipe at each other like a two chicks catfighting in a biker bar. Now all we need is a few beers for the house.

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Bill Anderson said...

OK Tish, I'll bite. Can you explain what you mean by "experts"? It seems like a non sequitor to link "expert" and lack of real world experience. Help me out here.

And I do know how much fun that ad hominem stuff is. I just don't find that it yields anything but heat.

Tish Grier said...

you know, Bill, I tossed that post off so fast that what I was really aiming for was the last line.

What I was getting at, though, with the "expert" idea is that each has a certain level of expertise--reading their stuff one can figure out what their expertise happens to be--but neither is all that well-rounded. When someone spends way too much time in one field of study, commentary, etc, or another, perspective on other fields of study can be lost. These two guys sniping at each other is like an apple insisting its an orange and an orange insisting its an apple. Basically, it makes no sense. It might be great theater, but does it generate any significant dialogue? probably not.

you're right about the ad hominem stuff.