Tuesday, February 07, 2006

If Bonnie Fuller can lecture at Columbia why the heck can't I?? Oh, I forgot--she's a jounralist and I'm just a lowly citizen with a few big fat opinions....perhaps if I spent my time watching Oprah's stomach and writing about it, rather than *thinking* about media and ethics, I might get that Columbia lectureship.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a hint on why a large gathering of professional journalists and members of an elite professional school would rather listen to Ms. Fuller than you, kid.

Fuller is a professional editor. You are a self-employed writer. Fuller is paid to edit some of the top-selling publications in the country. You are seldom paid for anything involving literacy. Fuller makes decisions affecting the lives of professional journalists. You have never made one such decision. Fuller's work is consumed, by consumers. Your work has a small audience, with no direct financial ties to you.

You don't bother critiquing the work of Ms. Fuller - leading me to suspect you are not familiar with it, only with the cheap and easy stereotype. Thus, I can't take your critique seriously.

But good luck in finding interest for your work with others. Thank you for your submission.

Tish Grier said...

Wow...some people really can't take a joke.

so I guess I have to explain it:

The blog is named Snarkaholic. As I explained one time ago, it's meant in an ironic sense...therefore, on occasion, some posts will be either ironic or hyperbolic.

If you couldn't tell that the post was meant in a hyperbolic way then I just don't know what to say....other than, once again, I see the need to use emoticons on a regular basis.

And so many folks I know think emoticons are all washed up. Guess they're wrong.

so, here ;-)

get the joke now??

and I'd prefer if you left a name next time so I don't assume you're someone like the AdAge Media Guy getting back at me for riffing on his article.

Tish Grier said...

and I am *always* amazed by the need of someone to defend the Big Media person over the Little Guy (or Gal in my case), who is entitled to use the medium of blogging to express her opinions.

Yes, we might not have the fancy, schmancy journalism credentials, but, you also don't have to read what we write.

oh, and if you noticed, the AdAge piece was pretty darned snarky too. Guess the Big Media AdAge person can say what he wants, but an individual can't. Your opinion then is a form of censorship--when all you have to do is just not read me.

Tish Grier said...

And the purpose of the joke? To direct people to Simon Dumenco's funny article.


Anonymous said...

If you honestly believe that the expression of a contrary and critical opinion is in any way a form of censorship, I might recommend you attend Ms. Fuller's lecture, or any of the offerings of any journalism school anywhere. Also, please buy yourself a dictionary. See if you can figure out under what circumstances having an opinion is an act of censorship.

I got that you were joking. So add an emoticon of boredom and fatigue and shoulder-shrugging to my previous post. Your joke is petty, trite, and without substance - it reads as jealousy. And as I hope my post indicated - there are substantial grounds to invite a professional to such a gathering. There is nothing in your post (or Dumenco's) which addresses any valid concern. That's why I'm not laughing. You're right, of course, that I could have just bitten my tongue and moved on to more fertile pastures, but your eagerness to attack without understanding seemed beneath you, and I thought it polite to let you know.

-Not V.S. Naipaul

Tish Grier said...

The pomopsity of your response, Not V.S., is indeed amazing. I am terribly surprised that you have so much time in the day to waste on a small blog such as this, and feel such a driving need to have the last word.

Quite honestly, though, as I know from years I spent roaming around on other forms of social media, anonymous comments say more about the person leaving them than about the person they are meant for (owch, grammer trouble there.)

Maybe it is your own frustration in life, your own jealousy, that makes you comment in this way.

However, I don't know who you are, so that supposition is up for grabs.

I wrote a friend recently, who is in journalism, for some career advice. He expressed to me that I should quit the schtick and just "write smart and newsy." His word I respect and will take into consideration.

Your word, however, I can't truly consider as it is delivered in a cowardly "anonymous" form. It shows me that you are more interested in grandstanding and being right, in hearing your own voice, than it is in what I am saying or doing.

Tish Grier said...

oh, and Not V.S....it would be real easy for me to simply turn off anonymous comments. think about it.

Tish Grier said...

oh, I think I know who's a troll ....stats make it really, really easy to figure some stuff out...