Friday, February 03, 2006

3 Week Summer Blogging Course in Western Massachusetts

Major Announcement: I will be teaching a 3-week course on blogging at Holyoke Community College this summer.

The emphasis won't be on how to make yourself famous (or infamous) by shooting your mouth off--it will be on teaching people how to build their own blogs and how to communicate effectively with media and with others in the blogosphere. This is incredibly important as most people who blog will end up as Long Tail bloggers--but there is still good reason to blog even if you are rumbling around in the Long Tail.

I am also hoping to reach parents of children that blog--so that they understand what their kids might be doing, why they do it, and where it just might be going...

Mucho thanks to Dean Ken White--who has an open mind to blogging and can see its value as a communication tool.

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