Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Betas! Get Yer Red Hot Betas Here!

I came across 2 new betas, a new feature, and one old beta this morning that are worth a looksee:

Bloggoggle: says it's a "directory of blogging professionals categorized and rated by their peers."

If there was *ever* a reason to scream "boys club! boys club!" this could conceivably be it. As with most betas, I went in to try to find out more about it, and found virtually nothing. And, given that the "A-list" is, in some ways as debatable as the whole notion of a "professional blogger" (I'll have more on that later) who's to say who's a "blogging professional", how that differs from a "professional blogger" and who doesn't make that cut. This might be just as hard as it is to determine who's a citizen journalist and who's a grassroots journalist, or a witness contributor.....

So, I signed up anyway.

BlogBurst is from the guys at Pluck (I met a bunch of them at BlogOn when they were demo-ing their Shadows social bookmarking tool.) Simply stated:
BlogBurst is a syndication service that places your blog on top-tier online destinations. You get visibility, audience reach and traffic, while publishers weave the rich and diverse fabric of the blogosphere into their sites.

It sounds like a great deal for boosting readership! If you think you've got stuff that people want to read, that is. Check out the blog they started to help explain the feature. Is my ego big enough to do it?? I don't know....;-)

Technorati's got their new Favorites feature,where you can build a list of 50 favorite blogs that other people can view. Derek Powazek explains it pretty well, and gives a list of 4 prominent bloggers enlisted to launch the feature. Anyone can use this feature--you don't have to be a top blogger. But it seems that it could end up being another place where we let each other know which of the top bloggers we read regularly. Personally, I like Technorati's BlogFinder better...

And then there's Newsvine which is still generating interest and I have two beta invitations to use...

so go, play! have fun! that's what betas are all about!

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Average Jane said...

Thanks for the interesting links! Keep em coming.

Tish Grier said...

thanks, J!

mobile jones said...

Hey there. Still got an invite for Newsvine? I'd be up for that.