Monday, February 20, 2006

Analyst sez MySpace may offer Fox downloads

Well, Duh! Analyist speculates that Murdoch could sell Fox downloads on Myspace. This was bloody well evident when Murdoch took over MySpace in July, then promptly blocked YouTube downloads--why else would he block YouTube other than to stifle competion. It was evident in January when I wrote on Murdock speaking at a tech and media conference in Arizona which was reported on in: The Guardian Business Section:

From the Guardian: "News Corporation will start offering video downloads on its recently acquired as it focuses on creating "more content and better content," said the chief executive, Rupert Murdoch.
Speaking at a technology and media conference in Arizona, Mr Murdoch described the potential for News Corp's online businesses as "enormous", predicting revenues of $350-$400m by 2007.

"There will be millions of downloads a day probably," he told an audience at Citicorp's annual Entertainment, Media & Telecommunications Conference in Phoenix without offering further details."

Is it *really* any wonder that he'd offer Fox broadcast downloads?!? When ya stop for a moment to consider that shows like the OC are huge among teens, Murdoch's use of MySpace as a portal for Fox downloads was really a No Branier of the highest order.

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