Thursday, February 09, 2006

come on! did you really think I'd change the name without getting another url??

There is, however, a tad more to the end of the name experiment, and, in the effort to be transparent, I'll tell the tale: Via a link on Slate I found Snarksmith. Penned by Michael Weiss and Nic Duquette (who's orignally from The Middle of Nowhere), Snarksmith is doesn't engage in what would normally be considered "snark." There's very little sense of catty plastiscene Joan Rivers urging insults. Rather, there was commentary that had the "what the heck were they thinking?" tone, with the majority of the stories smart and sharp in their observations.

So, to the critics who pretty much told me that I have no right to call this blog Snarkaholic--go take a look at Snarksmith

(yeah, and then you can tell me how much I have no right to do what I'm doing because I've never been a managing editor...yadda, yadda, yadda, I'm not listening...I'm a David flinging stones at the Establishment Goliaths, so get over it.)

And a funny coincidence....our blogs came about around the same time. As to the chicken-egg argument, who knows. I had no idea these guys existed before yesterday, and I doubt they even know who I am. But they are Commrades in Smart Snark. And that's what counts the most.

Who knows...maybe there's a way for the lowly amateur snarker to work with these august snarkers? (never know unless you pitch it)

Oh, they also have a great definition of snark--which kind of adds to the contention that it ain't what so many Joan Rivers wannabees and finger-snapping fashionistas think it is.

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