Monday, February 13, 2006

Dissecting the Great Technorati Popularity Contest

What's the deal with the Technorati Top 100? And why is it that so many of us never make it to the Top 100? (implied facetiousness)

Being very interested in the latest incarnation of the Top 100, I did something I rarely do--I looked it up. Some of the blogs and bloggers--Dooce, Jarvis, Winer, Hewitt--have been blogging for awhile. In Blogyears, they're very, very old. That they're still doing it, consistently, for so many years is amazing. They go!

Still others that have been on the list for awhile--Boing-Boing for instance--are group blogs that function as more than just your average blog. They've got a lot going on to catch people's attention.

I was, though, interested in what types and kinds of blogs made up the 100. So, after looking at most of them--many of which crashed my lousy IE browser, I came to these conclusins:

Aggregators are hot--either news or tech aggregators. build a news/tech aggregator and you're guaranteed a spot

Blogs by more than one person are hot --lots of groups doing lots of aggregating, mostly on news and tech, with some gossip.

Blogs by single individuals aren't as hot--the ones that are hot are done by tech geeks or 20-somethings. goes to show that geeks and kids rule the blogosphere (implied facetiousness again!)

Blogs about Tech definitely rule! alot of tech advice, tech news, Google watching (search engine and mathematical), web design stuff.

And everybody loves Gossip but, seriously, do I really care about Brad Pitt's belly lint? Perhaps I don't, but a lot of navel gazers apparently do.

the Right has far better cred than the Left kind of sad that the highest-rated new "liberal" blog is presided over by a former "right-winger." If she was ever was a right-winger at all. I'm sure Tim Russert wonders, too.

So, my conclusion--it's pretty much a popularity contest. If you have what it takes to construct your blog along certain lines--a news/tech aggregator with some of your best friends--I'm sure you'd shoot right up to the top! well, maybe not the Top per se but at least somewhere near it.

I just keep thinking of something a bodhisattva once told me: In life, there are no guarantees....

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