Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tim Wilson of PCMagazine wonders if public WiFi is past its prime, and if WiMAX is the way to go...but there's no discussion as to whether or not security is better on WiMAX. And security is a far more serious issue than lots of us who use public WiFi ever thought: the BBCgives a great report from the Black Hat Hacking con in Las Vegas highlighting just how easy it is to hack into someone's email at a public WiFi hotspot. That makes me think twice about using airport wifi for sure....

Update: apparently, it's not just email but also social networking sites vulnerable to hackers (Jordan Robertson of AP reports) So, perhaps we all need to be more careful about how much info we put on social networking sites--and not just because employers might zing us, but because hackers might steal us. Creepy.

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