Thursday, August 09, 2007

Assignment Zero Wins Honorable Mention for '07 Knight-Batten Awards

It's official: Assignment Zero has won Honorable Mention in the 2007 Knight-Batten Awards for Innovation in Journalism. Our blurb reads:
An intriguing open-source experiment by and Wired News to harness the collective wisdom and expertise of members of the public under the guidance of professional journalists in reporting and writing stories.

I'm more than proud of this, and would love to attend the symposium and luncheon--but don't know if the funds are there to do it....(heavy sigh.) That's just life sometimes. AZ will, though, be presented under the "Unleashing the Unconventional" section of the symposium. Well, yes, it was indeed unconventional...:-)

Kristin Gorski, who worked on the Crowdsourced Novels project, posts about the project here

Update my friend Rory O'Connor just informed me that NewsTrust received recognition by Knight-Batten in the Notable Entries:Aggregators category! Here's there description:
A nonprofit social news network providing Web review tools that allow citizens to make informed decisions using a quality news filter and media literacy tools. Users rate news articles by filling out an online form that prompts them to answer questions about how interesting, trustworthy, fair, balanced, important and accurate the story is.

I keep telling Rory that they're on to something over there (go check out NewsTrust) and that they're going to see some amazing things happen in the next year. I just know it!

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CB Whittemore said...

Tish, Congratulations! I just got caught up on some reading and really seeing you quoted in PR Week on 'Crowdsourcing tests yield mixed results' re: AZ.

Tish Grier said...

Hi CB--and thanks! yeah, being quoted in that PR Week piece was really cool. and the guy who wrote it really gets what it was about--a real surprise there :-)