Sunday, August 19, 2007

Super Sunday Links 8/19/07

I'm about to go out and have A Life (whatever that means--it's relative) but before I head out, here's some things to check out....

Web Users Reading More, Saying Less, Study Says According to Nielsen, we're watching a lot of video, but don't have much to say about it. Video isn't that easy to interact with anyway. But we're also using all kinds of other means to communicate--and we've had an explosion of those things in less than two years. So, who really knows how much we're saying because some of the ways in which we're using to say them aren't easily traced.

Stephen Colbert v. Andrew Keen, online troll extraordinaire Andrew Keen media whore's it up with Stephen Colbert.

BarcampBlock Shows the True Promise of Web 2.0 and BarCampBlock Day 1: An Amazing Day! BarCampBlock (the 2-year anniversary of BarCamp) is going on right now, and sitting over here on the Other Coast, all I can think of is how so much of the world of tech/blogging/tech business and so many of the discussions on that are centered on the West Coast. I wish we could do something like this out in Western Mass--these conversations are important and should be spread out across the country just a bit more. But does anyone out here really even care? I wonder.

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