Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rude! Rude! Rude!: today I received yet *another* email from another BlogHer alumna offering me her business blogging consulting services! I continue to be horrified by the over-zealous marketing in which some fellow BlogHers are engaging. Had this woman read my blog, she'd seen the link to the Business West article where I was interviewed about business blogging.

I imagine that, because I'm not on the list of latter-day blogging gurus (mostly connected to Wordpress) nor am I on any other certified blogging guru du jour list, that I can't *possibly* know a whit about business blogging and that I obviously need this person's services.

Good Networking Tip: when you get home, check out the urls on the business cards you picked up that day. Find out who the people are that you spoke to. And *don't* stick us all on your crappy email lists if you've slotted us into your "unworthy" pile.


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