Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We Are Not Disabused...So, the New York Times has a new look....
We have expanded the page to take advantage of the larger monitors now used by the vast majority of our readers. We've improved the navigation throughout the site so that no matter what page you land on, you can easily dig deeper into other sections or use our multimedia.

This *still* does not address the matter of the Times keeping their best content, as well as some archived articles, behind the fence of Times Select, the pay service it debuted a few months ago....

We also wanted to give our readers a greater voice and sprinkle a little more serendipity around the site by providing prominent links to a list of most e-mailed and blogged articles, most searched for information and popular movies. A new tab at the top of the page takes you directly to all our most popular features.

Um, the "blogged articles" feature doesn't give readers links to the blogs that wrote about them, just to the articles that people wrote about. The Times honestly doesn't understand that it's not that we want to know what *articles* were blogged about, but *who* was blogging about them....(although for the aforementioned article, it does indeed list the blogs that blogged about the article)

I can't say I'm horrified or crushed--just a bit disappointed.

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