Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Faceparty Gives MySpace a Run For Money in UK

The GuardianUK kicks up a little dust today when it reports that young people in the UK are turning to something called Faceparty that, at first, sounds an awful lot like MySpace:
The site allows its 6 million members to send each other messages. Members have their own mini-sites with pictures of themselves and details of their tastes. They can browse other members' sites and start conversations with thousands of people they have never met.

Now here's the difference:

Members are encouraged to sign up for special privileges: for £24.95 a year they are no longer restricted to sending five messages a day, and for an additional £38.95 over-18s can buy the right to see the site's adult content.

So, now you don't have to worry about your teenager having to respond to 100 or more email and accessing inappropriate content! (that is, unless the kid steals your credit card...)

Continued safety issues, and bad press might eventually put a kink in MySpace's armor. And if parents get a whiff that they can actually have control over what their kids are exposed to, as well as how much they can email on social networking sites, there may be a mass migration from MySpace to a safer domain...but will that exodus be a Fond Farewell or Bataan Death March?

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