Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Saddest Moment of All

Terry Heaton's wife Alicia suddenly passed away earlier this week...

I don't know Terry Heaton personally. I know his blogging because I end up reading him daily for my work with Corante. Terry, though, is someone I've come to respect--not just for what he knows about broadcasting and revenues and all that stuff...but because he's a fantastic observer of the world, a compassionate human being, and took the time to write his thoughts and share them.

And because of knowing these things about him, I felt as awful about his loss as if he were someone I knew locally. He and Alicia weren't married long--but that doesn't matter. It's what he wrote about her on his blog--an unashamed openness that only men truly in love feel confident enough to express.

I have been thinking of Terry all week...just sending a prayer from time to time, when it hits me what his sorrow might be like...because he shared how strong his love could be....

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