Monday, June 30, 2008

Hearst Digital Media's Daily Green gets an "F" in LinkLove

You know how Big Media is constantly harping on the blogosphere about how bloggers always "steal" information, when the fact of the matter is that by linking we send information *back* to the original source? Well, this afternoon, I was directed by the Yahoo front page to this post on The Daily Green a new Hearst Digital Media blog. And guess what? The first paragraph mentions a Los Angeles Times article yet fails to link to the original source! Here's a screenshot....check the first paragraph to see the lack of linklove for the L.A. Times

Heaven forbid a regular old, non-MSM blogger do something like this--then he/she becomes the thieving devil incarnate whose dastardly plan is to take away newspaper revenue!

When in fact, it's an MSM "blogging" property that's taking from another MSM property without sending one single link back to them.

Just in case you'd like to see the original, here's LAT staffer Nicholas Riccardi's article: High gas prices hobble cities nationwide

Just my $.02...

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