Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Vintage Video: More Christopher Lee

Did you know that Christopher Lee reprised many of the great roles of Boris Karloff--only cheezier? Here's the preview for "The Face of Fu Manchu":

Lee played Fu Manchu in a series of really bad Fu Manchu movies. Karloff was spared repeated Fu Manchu'ing, but Lee was spared the role of Mr. Wong, Detective.

Lee also played Frankenstein (in a less cheezy '57 production--you can see Lee in this trailer for a '58 follow-up in which he did not star as The Monster)

and the Mummy (oh, the spectacle!)

But he's the best (and longest-running) Dracula ever (in need of some Visene here in 1968):

Curiously, Lee shares the role with both Karloff (the original) and Lugosi. Lugosi replaced Karloff as Frankenstein in 1943's "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf-Man." :

Not as good as Karloff, but perhaps just as gruesome as Lee.

Next week--something non-Christopher Lee. ;-)

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