Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Newscorp and Dow Jones: Don't forget the naked chicks!

Update: It's a done deal

With baited breath bully-boy Rupert Murdoch waits impatiently to have his way with the WSJ....Rick Edmonds speculates at Poynter.org, and all I can think of is where the heck is Rupe gonna put the naked chicks?

Let's face it, it's not a Newscorp property without naked chicks.

If the readers of the WSJ became somewhat disgruntled when they put ads on the front page (tasteful, little ads), they'll surely have apoplexy with a naked chick...unless it's tastefully done.

Hmmm..."tastefully done" and "Newscorp"....isn't that rather oxymornonic??

Update: for a serious and sober commentary on how bad it would be for Murdoch to take over the WSJ, read Open Access Essential to Media Reform by VT Senator Bernie Sanders on SavetheInternet.com:
Rupert Murdoch could possibly acquire the Wall Street Journal and expand his North American empire to include a national TV network, national cable news network and a national paper.

And we complain about ClearChannel...

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