Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Columbus, KY and the Edwards Campaign: The Mouse That Roared, Again

So the Edwards campaign, thru, is running Demand and Be Heard a competition where "The US city with the most Demands gets a visit from Edwards."

Naturally, this puts big cities at a population advantage--that is, if they can get people to vote for their city.

Enter scrappy little Columbus, KY--population 229. On the surface, it doesn't stand a chance now, does it? Well....I'm not so sure

An attack ad? of are they just engaging in some savvy, cheeky marketing? (okay, maybe they went overboard about the canned apples and margarine...)

Personally, I wish Columbus, KY great luck here--and apparently, right now, they're not doing too bad, with 1797 votes in their favor (yes, that's more than five times their population. Pretty amazing use of social media, eh??)

--much thanks to Justin Kazmark of the Morris-King Company...

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