Monday, July 30, 2007

Globalvision goes meta on "Wikimentary"

Got an email the other day from Rory O'Connor at Globalvision announcing their newest--and terrifically innovative--project: a documentary on wikis and a "wikimentary"....

Yeah, I hear ya thinking "What the heck's a "wikimentary"?" ...if it's a documenatry done about wikis on a wiki, isn't that just a *tad* meta??

Okay, so here's what O'Connor wants to do with the project:
My goal [for the project] is to gather as much information as possible about all things wiki, and then to catalyze the creation of two films about the overall wiki phenomenon: an open source documentary – or 'wikimentary; and a companion, ‘old-school’ standard documentary film.

Watch this rough cut--some of Rory's super-cool raw footage from Wikimania...

The Globalvision team that's working on the project is interested in hearing from you about ways they can make this project work both creatively and logistically. Go to and see if there's anything you can contribute to make this project happen.

Sounds pretty interesting to me...

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