Monday, July 09, 2007

Assignment Zero gets Wired

Finally!! The first installment of Assignment Zero stories to be published at appeared today! They are:

An intro from Jay Rosen with links to all the Q&As that were done....

Open Source Journalism: It's a Lot Tougher Than You Think (believe me, this is an understatement if ever there was one...)

Creative Crowdwriting: The Open Book

Q&A Your Assignment: Art The Andrea Grover interview--a great read!

Stock Waves: Citizen Photo Journalists Are Changing the Rules

Much thanks to everyone who worked so very hard on getting this package together...from all the folks listed in they bylines to David Cohn, Amanda Michel, Angela Pacienza, and Hillary Rosner. We did it!!

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Tish Grier said...

lol! I've been alternating between hooray!! and whew!! Either way, we did something nobody else has ever done! that's saying something!