Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Check This Out!

While I'm getting together my stuff on BlogOn, here are a couple of other blogs to take a look at:

Tom at The Jersey Exile (he's permalinked in the sidebar) has further comments on the "10 Media Trends to Watch"....

Sheila Lennon at Subterranian Homepage News links my post on We Media to a few others in this piece that also links to a rather critical piece on "grassroots journalism." Check out what Sheila wrote to see the other ref's....

It's a good idea to keep up with Jeff Hess over at Have Coffee Will Write and the on-going battle to keep Wal-Mart out of the Cleveland, OH area. Jeff's page is always a good scroll-down.

Sour Duck continues the discussion on .Feminist blog community and anger.... which dovetails into what I'm saying about a need for voice and which voices are important

and also see where I have to go back and re-explain myself to Jeff Jarvis when he discusses the lack of new voices being referenced on the Judy Miller scandal. I get that Jeff highligts new voices but I clarify that my frustration isn't with Jeff but with the Old Media Think that prejudices who is considered authoritative, and linked, in the blogosphere.

On the conference scene, check out the Symposium on Social Architecture coming up at Berkman on November 14-15.

I'll have some BlogOn stuff later


Sour Duck said...

Sorry to bother you with a technical question, but what's this popup thing all about? Did I miss one of your posts that talks about it?

(You know, the little thing that pops up when I hover my cursor near a link, telling me about the popularity of a link.)

Tish Grier said...

That's really weird, SD...I'm not sure what that is. I registered for MyBlogLog yesterday ( which count outgoing links...perhaps that's it. but I'm not getting it when I go over links.

I wonder if anybody else's notice it really distracting?

Sour Duck said...

Well, it's distracting in that I've never encountered these pop up boxes on links in a blog before.

Perhaps it doesn't pop up for you, as you're the user - it just pops up for other readers of your blog.

Anyways I'm ignorant in these matters, I suppose I could go to MyBlogLog and read up on it. If I were sufficiently motivated.
I experimented by clicking on my own link (which didn't have a ranking). When I returned later, my ranking had increased.

Couldn't I just jig the system by clicking own my own link like some sort of crazed blog egomaniac? ;) :D

(I meant to say in my previous post thanks for the mention in your original post.)

Tish Grier said...

hey S.D.....that little box has started appearing above my cursor too! I believe it's the MyBlogLog stuff. I might have to talk to the person who made it about that little unnerving thing...