Friday, October 14, 2005

PR Week lists 10 media trends to watch..

Four of what could be the most important are:

Portability of video content (if the bandwidth is available and the devices don't crash) More than likely it will evolve into being an extenseion of what we already have at home. If video quality and screen size does not improve, its viability may be in question. What's hot today could be cold by the next top 10 list.

Blogs (naturally)--although pundits think blogs will be limited in influence. This may be, but they will, in many respects, remain an important way for individuals to contributed to the world of media as well as collaborate in conversation. "Buzz" will always be important.

the growth of hispanic media (not really suprising if you know Holyoke and Springfield.) As the demand for spanish-language periodicals, radio and television increases, the market will pay more attention to the hispanic community. Time for the hispanic community to start having a bigger voice in media like blogs.

media consolidation as big corps like Gannett, Knight-Ridder, and Clear Channel find their profits falling, there will be more job losses, smaller-sized newspapers, and less programming. This could be bad for areas like Wester Mass which seem to have taken some losses in independent news and radio over the past five years. It may, however, make room for a boom in alternative local media. Pirate radio and blogs. Will we see the Return of the Farm Report???

(thanks Steve Rubel for the link)

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