Friday, October 21, 2005

UMass and Microsoft Strike a Deal

Or so the local news is reporting this a.m. I've been searching to find out stuff, but so far nothing's out there. But, I did find this very interesting piece about what's going on between Microsoft and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Apparently, we could all be a Rainbow Butterfly State in the near future. I don't know what necessarily to think of this. We are in need of jobs out here, esp. in the West, and UMass is one of the biggest employers--as well as tech being the true hidden industry of the area. I know that when my friends who worked for a local gaming company got their pink slips about a month ago, there was a giant sucking sound out of the area. Everyone seems to be going for interviews out in California, and I think most are going to end up out there. Some might end up teaching or doing art direction somewhere else, but for most of them, the job ops are in California.

There's nothing here. As another friend says "There are lots of jobs, but no career opportunities." I know this well myself. You can get a very high-powered education here--at Smith or Hampshire or Amherst or UMass--but you can't get work. You can try freelancing, building your own business, esp. in the tech and web design fields, but there's just so much you can sell to the immediate region. And once you get out to the Berkshires, it's 75% forest--less There out there than on the Rt. 91 corridor. Sadly, there's hardly any reason for people to stay here because there are so few career opportunities.

So, perhaps Microsoft coming to UMass will create some actual careers. But, for whom? For UMass grads in an effort to keep them here? But what about the people who already live here? And what about Microsoft's deal with other branches of the State Government?

When I find out more, I'll post the link


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