Friday, March 03, 2006

WaPo Gets!

In an effort to expand interactivity, washington now has a partnership with

The Post already has a deal with Technorati where blogs that link to Post stories are listed along with the story. I've actually had some hits from posts I wrote on WaPo articles, so it really works. Even if you say something not so nice about WaPo, your post will still show up! How's that for open communication! Blogging and linkins are better ways of getting their attention than flaming Jim Brady (who *must* own several pairs of asbestos jammies by now)...

The deal just gives bloggers one more way to have our way with WaPo.

When you think about it, how cool is that??

It's a lot better than what the New York Times did when it took its best content and put it behind the pay-per-view walls of Times Select--where we have the priviledge of interacting for a fee. Kinda makes you feel like your patronizing an old-fashioned peepshow...with "escorts" rather than streetwalkers on the other side of the plexiglass...

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