Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Converging at SXSWInteractive

Along with my fellow SXSW panelists, (all of whom I'm looking forward to meeteing, some for the first, and some again) I will be meeting up with Sean Coon of connecting*the*dots... who you can hear in this great interview with Kent Bye of The Echo Chamber Project.

Sean is an incredible guy and was a great "ear" during the whole Jane Hamsher stuff--I think I bent that ear for about an hour that day and he's still talking to me :-)

Yet it wasn't the first time we'd bent each other's ears--and often talked about the numinous quality of the Internet's virtual terrain, and the beauty of being able to connect with like minds across miles and miles of terra firma. Our convergence will be fascinating.

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spcoon said...

i'm looking forward to it, tish. :)