Friday, March 17, 2006

More on HufPo and Clooney: Keeping the Power in the Hands of the Powerful.

Snarksmithy Michael Weiss tackles the HufPo/Clooney kerfuffle...and comes up with
something else from the L.A. Times...that supposedly supports Huffington's claim that Clooney knew all along about the faux blog and that somebody associated with Clooney approved of it...

Yet even if one of the lower life forms in Clooney's publicists' office gave the Go Ahead on the faux blog, the fact that it was a faux blog patched together from a whole bunch of other sources--answers to questions taken our of context and paraded around as statements-- and paraded around as a blog proper still calls into serious question HufPo's blogging ethics.

At the rate things are going, no one's going to be able to trust blogs anymore than they can trust the legit press. Thanks a bunch, Arianna--guess you're on your way to achieving your goal of keeping the Power in the hands of the Powerful.

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