Monday, March 05, 2007

Yahoo Plan B Gains Momentum

In January I posted these two entries on Yahoo Plan B--the stockholder grassroots social media effort spearheadded Yahoo stockholder Eric Jackson (who blogs Breakout Performance) to unseat Terry Semel and re-make the Board at Yahoo--I've been hearing regularly from Eric...

The Yahoo Plan B wiki has grown to include 13 articles, spawned its own YouTube network--and Eric has recently used onetruemedia to creat this great video montage explaining what's gone on at Yahoo! over the years, and why Jackson believes Semel, and most of Yahoo's Board, should be replaced.

But Jackson's not alone. Email updates from Jackson inform me that this "informal group" of dissenting Yahoo! stockholders is up to $60 million in Yahoo! stock holdings.

Not bad for a grassroots effort, wouldn't you say?

What Jackson's doing is worth noting on many levels: but mostly because it is an ingenious use of social media in a group that one normally dosen't think of using social media. But, lots of stockholders are bloggers, too...and lots of stockholders would like to change what goes on with companies they care about. Why not use social media tools to make it happen?

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