Monday, March 05, 2007

Links 3/5/07

Marketing blog still not ready...a Canadian newspaper editor gets confused...citizen journalism in India...looking at USA Today's new social media redesign

I'm still working on my social media/marketing blog Having a bit of a time with the title. That seems to always be the biggest of my worries. But I've got loads of links to lots of great marketing folks! (and, of course, a whole bunch of ideas...or is that opinions? ;-) )

Paul Berton, who I *think* is an editor at the London Free Press has a few interesting (and rather broad)musings on citizen journalism Personally, I think confusing letters to the editor, phone message gripes about the paper, ad hominem attacks on fourms and message boards as forms of citizen journalism isn't going to do any of us any good. In fact, it will probably hurt an awful lot of people and could have a chilling effect on free speech on the Internet...

groundviews is a new Sri Lankan citizen journalism initiative using blog software! Read their About's a bit:
Called citizens journalism elsewhere, this is the first attempt in Sri Lanka to create a means through which civil society and concerned citizens can bear witness to human rights abuses, write their own brief daily accounts of life in conflict zones, call attention to humanitarian emergencies, give information on security / ground conditions etc and also a place provincial journalists can pen down their thoughts, in Sinhala and Tamil, with a guaranteed global audience.
Good luck everyone! (via International Journalists' Network)

Brian Murley has a great run-down of USA Today's new "social" design, with great links to conversations going on about it, and how it's a pretty good indicator that new journalists are going to need a whole new set of skills if they're going to survive the new newsroom.

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