Thursday, March 01, 2007

Links 3/1/07

Some very cool and important things to check out:

NewsTrust Suffering from TMN--too much news? NewsTrust is looking to cultivate a community of newsjunkies who will find, and rate, the best news stories out there. Not just the tech stuff like on Digg. This is Digg for grown-up newsjunkies. And stuff you might not find other places: like this piece in the Secular Humanist Bulletin on whether or not secular humanists should "bash" religion in order to elevate secular humanist views (a particular interest of mine, really...)

Chuck Olsen's Blogumentary--great stuff! even just to hear Dave Weinberger talk about how to find blogs on forgiveness...and about Chuck's mom and friends...and Rebecca Blood...and Dan Gillmor...and Jeff Jarvis actually being himself rather than a pontificating pundit...

The Press Institute for Women in the Developing World This bit from a press release from founder Cristi Hegranes (who I met at We Media) sums up their important mission:
The Institute was founded on the belief that journalism is an empowering tool that can bring voice, strength and light to issues that are hidden and people who are oppressed. It is in this vein that the Institute trains women in the developing world to serve as reporters and writers in their own communities. The Press Institute emphasizes reporting on six core issues that most affect women in their communities and are scarcely subjects of international media coverage: HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, poverty, reproductive rights, political oppression, and community development.
If you want to know more, you can check out the site or email Cristi ( Something Cristi and I agreed on: there are people for whom the Internet just doesn't figure into their lives. The thing is not to forget about those people...

Now, Go. Read. Do Something....

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DigiDave said...

NewsTrust is great!
Digg is now about popularity -- it doesn't have to be newsworthy, it just needs a catchy title.
If the first generation of social news sites ranked stories in order of popularity, then the next wave would do well to find a new rubric of voting to separate themselves from the crowd.

Tish Grier said...

Hi David! I expect NewsTrust to heat up once we start really getting into election season. people are going to want the important stuff--not just the fluff. NewsTrust's going to help a lot with that. And they're a non-profit. As long as they can keep the money flowing, I'm sure Fabrice and the team will keep refining the process.