Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blogging WOMMA: Sunday Night

Washington D.C.: In town to blog the Word of Mouth Marketing Assoc Research Symposium (12/11) and Marketing Summit (12/12-13)

There's a lot going on here--some case studies and metrics analysis. This will be one of the few conferences I've attended that's been strictly on business (the other, high-level strictly business con was Corante's Innovative Marketing Conference. I met some amazing people there, and learned a lot.)

Folks from Forrester, Nielsen BuzzMetrics, Cymfony and the like will be presenting. A little more "hard" discussion on the business end of blogging and social networking...

Tonight though it's been mostly settling in, calling a friend, discovering I forgot something important (and trying to find a way to replace it), going out a bit...

Went for a walk at dusk. Got a hot pretzel and made my way over to the World War II Memorial

Memorials (and the Capitol for that matter) take on a whole different aura at night. (sorry for the canned photo--cell phone was charging and left the digi at home)

No fear of walking after dark--being middle aged and geeky renders one relatively invisible in a wealthy country where appearances count for much. On some level, though, it's very liberating to be invisible.

Had a mediocre fish dinner at an expensive restaurant (last time I take myself out for an expensive meal ;-) ) Overly flirty waiter (did I look that desperate?) and very good wine.

Time for bed though. Registration is at 6:30, which means I get up by 5:00 at least. I like to get to these things before the crowd.

more to come...


Rob said...

Hi, Tish!

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was that guy who came up after the Us/Them panel at SXSW and talked with you about the Hamsher episode.

Several months later, I'm writing a paper about that episode and what it means for online conversation. I came across your blog in my research, and saw that you're in DC, so I thought I'd say hello. (I work in Georgetown.) I'd love to talk to you about online conversation at some point in the future—will you be going back to SXSW in 2007?


Tish Grier said...

Hi Rob! Good to hear from you! I definitely remember talking with you at SXSW :-)

That's great that you're writing on January's incident. There's a lot more going on with that than what met the initial eye. Email me at and we can exchang numbers. I don't know if I'll have time to sit down for a chat (I'll know more after today) but we can def. chat on the phone.

Doubt I'll make it to SXSW '07. Freelance income is never what one expects it to be :-)