Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Whatever they'rs smoking over at OhMyNews I wish they'd send me some! What makes CHL Geroge think that everyone who's part of Blogger and has a blogspot blog is a "citizen journalist"? What makes him think that every blog is citizen journalism? Once again, we've got someone who's playing fast and loose with the term citizen journalism and grafting it on to every form of self-publishing he can imagine.

To be blunt about it: what a lot of nerve! Blogger would be really stupid to get themselves involved in something like OhMyNews' proposal.

There are, in development, several aggregating services--such as Pluck's BlogBurst as well as Digg and several others that aggregate, in different ways, blog posts that the authors want to be considered citizen journalism.

Why doesn't OhMyNews look into developing an aggregator that feeds off of Technorati's tags rather than some ridiculous partnership with Blogger that would, effectively, enslave bloggers to OhMyNews??

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