Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Red Herring has a breakdown of key points from today's sessions at TechSoup's NetSquared Conference.

Even though so many of These Things are geared towards Folks Other than Us (futurists, "mediastes," innovators, and people you won't find down at the Stop and Shop at 12a.m.....)it's always good to take a peek at what they said.

Because, quite frankly, what They are saying will eventually impact what We are doing. And if we find something that stinks, we should let them know.

Heck, perhaps we should let them know even if we like something (as most of Those Folks rarely take kindly to criticism before a compliment--I think that's just human nature.)

And along those lines, I was heartened to hear to read that Michael Rogers of MSNBC say “The mainstream media, they’ve decided not to fight, but to co-opt [blogging technology],” he said. “These powerful tools shouldn’t be ceded to the mass media.”

Maybe he should tell Brian Williams to lay off the blogging then...

Or perhaps he's saying this because, quite frankly, until we have a change of administration, we could see the press increasingly de-fanged in the name of "national security" and better crime-fighting....and that's scarily too close to government control of the press than should happen in this country.

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