Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Day 2 of the Syndicate conference is over and I'm back from NYC. Will have a full report (or mostly full) tomorrow. What I can say right now is that Day 2 was far better than Day 1. Some great stuff about "structured blogging," interaction, and podcasting for businesses....

There was a lot more emphasis today on how new all of this stuff is, and that there just aren't a bunch of charts and graphs available to help organizations understand why they might want to do a podcast or why they might want to interact with their customers. It's new, it's a chance--but it's not as costly as, perhaps, an entire re-branding campaign.

BTW, it was very nice to hear Doc Searles give a succinct explanation of branding (with the subtext that the way the term is used today isn't all that great...)

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