Wednesday, September 21, 2005

b5media Wants to Make You a Six Figure Blogger (maybe)

Launching new blog media consortium b5media, Jeremy Wright, Darren Rowse, and Duncan Riley are promising to pay bloggers a decent wage for their labor--40%of the blog revenue scale! (read more here.)

Apparently, it's more than they're paying the folks at Weblogs, Inc...although they are following the wisdom of blog networks like Weblogs, Inc. and making all the blogs in their network similar in design. Check out The Movie Weblog and Search Engine Herald to see what I mean.

Yet will bloggers make bigger bucks from being part of a network blog effort or are they still better off loading their pages with all sorts of flash-and-dask ad stuff? Founder Darren Rowse is the "six figure blogger" of the group, with hisProBlogger blog offering advice to bloggers on how to turn a profit from their work--if they can get the right number of hits, etc.

Still, can you make those six figures quicker as a blogger of as a freelance writer in msm? I tend to think that while a decent living can be made at freelance writing if one hustles, has talent, and the chutzpa to put oneself out there as an "expert," I tend to think the six figure blogger aspiration is probably even harder to attain (esp. if it means loading your blog with a proliferation of ads.) Heck, at this point in the game, it'll probably be hard to find five figure bloggers who will be able to quit their day jobs in the near future.

Perhaps a day job and a blog job would work. I'd be willing to test the theory :-)

Cool note: I found a link to my friend Eric Marcoullier's blog search tool MyBlogLog--which tracks outgoing links clicked from your blog--on Problogger. Since I'm a major stats freak, I think I'm going to check out MyBlogLog to figure out what's going on with my own blogs.

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Eric Marcoullier said...

Rock on! Thanks for mentioning MyBlogLog -- we're working hard on some new features that will be out soon.