Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Where are all the blogs??

I love to spelunk the various MSM sites to see what's going on in the blogosphere...

Because, frankly, it's still MSM that posts the most information about the blogosphere.

Yet each MSM news outlet hides its blog information places that are sometimes logical, sometimes arcane. I think it depends a bit on who's managing the site, or what their personal opinion is of blogs.

To some, it's "citizen journalism" (or I prefer "armchair journalism"--like armchair quarterback)

To some, it's tech news.

To some, it's entertainment.

To others, still, it's business. Or tech, depending on the day.

Blogs are often considered the bastard children of legitimate MSM (often by bloggers and blogpundits themselves), and MSM really doesn't have much of an idea where to place information on or about blogs. Blogs don't fit into neat little categories. We are messy little animals; amalgams of the personal, political, and cultural. That, I am sure, disturbs alot of people--which is what makes even us want to qualify and quantify our existence.

The biggest challenge, though, is for bloggers to not engage in Animal Farm politics among themselves--all bloggers are created equal, but some are *more* equal than others. We are a populist medium, and, as such, require a certain freedom to breathe and to create. Us vs. Them can easily turn into a censorship gotcha! that may ultimately co-opt the populist zeitgeist of blogging.

Think about it.

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