Thursday, May 26, 2005

A recent survey finds that journalists and the public are on different pages as to whether or not the press is important or doing its job correctly. (USAT)

I now understand why so many people think blogs are far more significant than they are....but if people believe The Press (that is, MSM) should have less freedoms, there may be a ripple effect on self-publishing too. The Law recognizes that publishing is publishing. It doesn't matter if it is making money as main-stream journalism or if it's "citizen journalism."

One of the saddest things in this study is that 53% of people believe that news organizations should express a strong political viewpoint. That leaves things open to punditry and manipulation by The Powers That Be.

It also means that the general populace would rather be lead around by the nose than have the responsibility of weighing all the information it can and then deciding for its itself what it wants.

Apparently, over half the people want freedom from responsibility. I'm sure if I asked, they'd tell me it's a freedom to do or be *somthing* but I'm not buying it.

And I am, for the most part, a centrist/moderate. I believe there's a compromise everywhere. But, I guess finding the middle ground takes too much thinking and processing for the average overworked, overmedia-cated public.

I guess if I could just get with the program I'd be happy with censorship.

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