Wednesday, May 11, 2005

AlterNet's "Peek": A Blog of Blogs or More Same Old, Same Old?

That very nice little progressive Internet news outlet AlterNet has a page titled Peek, which they tout as "a blog of blogs, pointing out what's buzzing in the blogosphere."

But is it??

The Blogroll for Peek is like alot of Blogrolls on other blogs that blog about politics--just a list of other blogs about politics. Peek's blogroll does list more political blogs by women--but is it really so unique to have a blog that blogs about political blogs?

That makes it kind of an aggregator for aggregators.

Ah, the redundance of the blogosphere is amazing.

I have a bit of a problem with the idea that all the supposed "blogs of note" are expected to be about politics and nothing (or little else) more. Like Narcissus staring into the pool at his own reflection...yawn...

Still, I really like AlterNet...its regular commentators are insightful and some of its editorials (such as Will Durst's comment on How PETA and the NRA both embarass their respective political parties) are not just funny but seriously spot-on.

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