Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some notes on the late afternoon at the SIIA Summit

Kristian Hammond's presentation on "Frictionless Information" was about how to keep Google from eating your lunch. The best thing about this presentation is that it will be available online. I can't begin to transcribe or paraphrase it--don't know if it's that I need some coffee or there's just TMI...

On the "What's the Value of Value-Add?" panel, a comment's made about the Blogger's table (where I'm sitting--pic thankx to Larry Schwartz of Newstex and feeling a bit dissed...I wonder what some of the corporatos here think of bloggers....

A few nuggets from the "Thriving on Chaos: Profiting from the New, New Era of Political, Economic and Technology Change": There's an overall sense with this panel that things are on a way-downward trajectory. Talking about "different kinds of business models and business partners" (Dan'l Lewin, Microsoft) And I keep thinking, "what are those new business models??" Can someone explain please??

"Money velocity drives information velocity" Jim Kollegger CEO, Genesys Partners, Inc.

Steve Lohr from the NYTimes notes that the Times was expecting online to help support print, but that surely isn't going to happen in this economy.

Relying on quality of content and subscriptions in the future--Neal Lipschutz, SVP and Mg. Editor, Dow Jones Newswire.

News*paper* vs. News *business.* People still interested in news--Jon Miller, Foundig Ptnr Velocity Interactive Grp. & fmr CEO AOL. And that consumers will drive applications back to business rather than the reverse (as in the past.)

"Video consumption taking off" Jon Miller-- but haven't they been predicting this for awhile now? Is it really, as Jon suggests, going to take off because of new mobile devices (iPhone) that make it easier for video?

Just wish guys like this would talk more to Early Adopters of all ages to find out what people--not just young people--do with their toys and social networking...

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