Monday, January 26, 2009

NYTCo. agrees to no longer aggregate Gatehouse RSS feeds.

Update 3/2/09: Howard Owens (who used to be with GateHouse) explains the reasons for the suit. A very important read.

Update Zach Seward's wrap-up q&a on GH v. NYTCo. on NeimanLab blog

One of the things I predicted in the Gatehouse v. NYTCo. case was that NYTCo. would have to stop aggregating Gatehouse's RSS feeds. This is indeed one of the provisionsin the Agreement reached with Gatehouse
2)Defendants shall remove all GateHouse RSS feeds from the aggregation tool currently being used to copy and display Gatehouse's original headlines and ledes on's yourtown websites, and shall refrain from accessing such feeds for so long as GateHouse maintains any Solution(s) described in >
paragraph (1) to this Letter of Agreement. . .

In paragraph(1), GateHouse is requested to implement technological solutions that will prevent the Defendant from copying original content from Gatehouse...

There is, however, nothing to stop linking or deep-linking--just as long as original content is not used.

Take a moment and read the entire agreement...and here's a a bit more from Dan Kennedy on the matter

A little more on requesting aggregators don't link: at, we sometimes get requests from bloggers not to aggregate their feeds. Rarely, but we do get them. When this happens, we stop aggregating their feed. As a blogger, if I found my feed being aggregated by a site which had content that I found objectionable for some reason, I would expect the site to drop my feed if I sent them a request to do so. However I'm not sure if GateHouse was able to have that kind of informal request for removal that bloggers have. Perhaps they had to resort to legal action to have their feed removed. Still, this doesn't necessarily set a precendent, inasmuch as it is an agreement between these two parties. We will have to see....

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