Thursday, April 24, 2008

We were all beautiful and tragic once...

For some of us, creativity springs from a very dark place. People tend to think we're "weird" or that we're overly dramatic. Not so. The thing is, inside, there's this place where we know there is something special--and to get to it, we have to walk through terrible darkness. It is not a pose nor a gothic affectation. Ian Curtis was one of us. This a.m., while hanging out online, I found out about Control--the U.K. biopic on Curtis by Anton Corbjin.

And I am reminded of my own dark places where my creativity dwells. They haven't gone away--those places--as I've gotten older. I've just chosen not to open those doors as often. And sometimes I misplace the directions for how to get to them. I hope that I haven't permanently misplaced those directions.

Music, though, sometimes provides the sound-map to those destinations.

Here's the trailer for Control:


Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Tish,

Don't worry. Any time we forget, we just have to remember that J.M. Barrie recorded the directions for us: "second star to the right..."



Tish Grier said...

Hello Jeff,

thanks for the tip :-)

the more paths we can know, the better our creativity will be...