Friday, April 18, 2008

The Future Nature of the PR/Journalist Relationship

Occasionally I get email on really worthwhile projects that strike at one of my own interests, and here's one: At Bournemouth University, Adam Abu-Nab, an undergrad who's doing work focused on P/R, has undertaken a very interesting research project. He'd like to find out what you think about the relationship between Journalism and P/R as it relates to Web 2.0. Adam describes what he's doing as follows:

I am conducting fresh research into the PR/Journalist relationship and
the changing effects Web 2.0 has had on relations. This ranges from
the very current use of Twitter as a newswire to the advent of Social
Media Newsrooms.

I would be very grateful if you could spare a moment to air your
opinions in this survey on the future nature of the Journalist/ PR
relationship. The results of which I hope you find informative in
developing more effective communication with your PR contacts:

Click here for the survey:

This is to be crossed with PR perceptions so I'm aiming for results
which are advantageous for both parties for future communications. All
interesting findings (including the best comments) will be released
into the blogosphere for discussion (already have over 50 PR bloggers
involved and a growing Journalist contingency!)

Adam also has a blog, Fast-Forwarding PR/Journalist Relations
and also has a mailing list, which can be subscribed at abunab at

If you've got a minute or two, take Adam's survey--I'm actually quite curious as to what he's going to find!

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Adam Abu-Nab said...

Hi Tish,

That's fantastic, thanks for spreading the word.