Thursday, September 20, 2007

New survey sez we don't like sex as much as we used to (thanks to the web...)

Reuters reports today on the results of a survey conducted by venerable ad agency JWT finds that out of 1,011 Americans, 20 percent said they spend more time online than they do having sex....

Well, to be honest, if I were having more sex, I certainly wouldn't be spending so much time online (ha!)

The survey also found that only about 1/5th of those surveyed could go without the Internet for a week...while 21 percent said they could go without it for only a couple of days...
"People told us how anxious, isolated and bored they felt when they are forced off line," said Ann Mack, director of trend spotting at JWT, which conducted the survey to see how technology was changing people's behavior.

"They felt disconnected from the world, from their friends and family," she told Reuters.

Mack also acknowledges that some people "communicate, entertain, and live" almost entirely online, eschewing TV for downloads, and IM for f2f....calling these folks "digitivity denizens."

I'm not sure about the "digitivity" part, but I know lots of folks like me who tend to live in here...lots more who live here more than I do. The trick is to find balance between the two worlds. It can kind of be like living in two countries, but there are things about f2f life that can't be duplicated in here...

Like sex.

And I don't think they'll ever be able to duplicate it inside this box. :-)

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