Monday, June 25, 2007

Slate V Launches

Launched today: Slate V, the video verison of Slate magazine. The sponsor messages are unobtrusive--but you can't get the embed code for several of the vids (esp. the rather funny "Damned Spot" ones. Here's one on the Gotcha! game on YouTube:

the Gotcha! game was discussed back at the Personal Democracy Forum--and the video version is really only an extension of what's been going on in print for awhile....

From what I understand, they're looking to include user-generated video on Slate V--and to pay for it. Will it be more dog-and-hula-hoop or man getting hit in groin with football stuff?

I don't's kinda interesting....maybe a new way to waste time when I'm sitting around wondering when the next contract's going to fall from the sky...then again, maybe I really *like* watching pirated old Man From Uncle and Paul Revere and the Raiders stuff....

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