Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Major S.A. Journalism Awards to Include Citizen Journalism

If you live in South Africa, and have a citizen journalism site, you could actually enter your site for a Telkom ICT Jounalist of the Year award

Telkom ICT qualifies a "Community and Citizen Journalism" category as follows:

Journalist is not affiliated to a commercial organisation

Professionals are not allowed to enter

Citizen Journalist: Stories must be published on a personal web site, blog, group-blog, or citizen journalism aggregator. Republication of stories produced for the traditional media (print, radio, TV) or commercial online media is not allowed.

Community publishers: publication must be targeted to a sub-metropolitan audience or a limited size niche market

Matthew Buckland blogged about the awards and notes that "community" and "citizen journalism" can be two different things--about which I totally agree. Yet the simple fact that citizen journalism is being considered for a major award somewhere on the globe is a major step forward!

Deadline for entries is Jan 15.

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